Aldworth, Yesterday and Today

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Aldworth is a small village, close to the northern edge of Berkshire, and hidden away in the rural area between Reading, Newbury and Oxford.

There are around 250 inhabitants in the parish, which also includes the neighbouring hamlet of Westridge Green.

St Mary's

Laurence Binyon
Aldworth has a small church, St Mary's, which contains the famous 'Aldworth Giants', reclining statues of the De La Beche family from the 14th century.
Aldworth Saturday Stalls

The Bell

Four Points
We have two pubs, but sadly the shop closed in 2002. The Bell is one of the best pubs in the country, and has won a number of awards from CAMRA and other organisations. A group of volunteers runs a community shop in the village hall on Saturday mornings.
Aldworth Cricket Club On the sporting front, we have a village cricket team, which plays local villages and schools, and in the Charles Hoile Downs League.
The Leaflet Our parish magazine covers Aldworth and the neighbouring village of Ashampstead. It is published monthly, and is designed, produced, printed and distributed entirely by volunteers.
Aldworth history The history of Aldworth has been well documented from the Domesday Book onwards.